The Reluctant Missionary

Authentic stories from the travels of Michael Smalley.

The smile that broke my heart ordinary hero Jul 31, 2023

In the photograph accompanying this post, the young girl featured did not intentionally smile for my camera. I discovered her among roughly 100 children attending the Saturday bible study and lunch...

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What to do when you've got nothing from God just say hi Jul 11, 2023

After arriving in Lebanon as a hesitant missionary, I found myself on a team visiting Syrian refugees in their home. Despite being unable to speak Arabic, I was happy to see how families lived in...

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Just Say Hi just say hi Jul 05, 2023

The journey of a hesitant missionary as he delves into the depths of Islam.

My father taught me that even in times of tragedy, sin, brokenness, and pain, there are opportunities to grow. He...

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A devotion about trust when things don't go your way by Kris DeJeet morning devos for couples podcast Jan 08, 2021

My friend and colleague sent me a devotional he wrote for himself. I knew instantly it would bless anyone willing to read and believe! - Michael Smalley

by Kris DeJeet

"Blessed is the man who...

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What is one word that can change my marriage? marriage podcast questions and conversations Dec 15, 2020

What is one word that will change my marriage?

* assist
* help
* benefit
* do a kindness
* go fifty-fifty
* gratify the wishes of
* make room
* meet halfway
* meet the wants
* take it
* be kind...

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How do I stay with a miserable spouse? marriage podcast questions and conversations Dec 14, 2020

How do I stay with someone when they:

  • Consistently shift blame
  • Take no personal responsibility
  • Blame their behaviors on their childhood
  • Gaslight most conversations that are emotional
  • Can’t...
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Unbreakable: Strategy Three - Connect and I mean sexually marriage podcast unbreakable Dec 10, 2020

The final strategy may be ( is!) the best part of the entire Unbreakable series! Now don't mess it up.

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Unbreakable: Strategy Two - live in harmony marriage podcast unbreakable Dec 09, 2020

You are in a precarious position, things are getting better, but... Now is the time to rebuild friendship and lean into your new normal.

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Unbreakable: Strategy One - to ask or not to ask and other special issues marriage podcast unbreakable Dec 08, 2020

You need to know the right questions to ask and answer because the wrong questions will lead you down a path of destruction!

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Unbreakable: Strategy One - the wounded marriage podcast unbreakable Dec 07, 2020

If you feel betrayed in your relationship then follow these steps and wait for the miracle!

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