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The #1 reported issue by couples is that they can't communicate.  Problem solved! Take our Couples Communication Course today for FREE.

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Whether your marriage is headed toward divorce or you are looking for something to make a good marriage great...keep scrolling down and discover how Smalley Institute can transform your relationship

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Marriage counseling can be frustrating and ineffective. Discover what a two or three day Smalley Marriage Intensive can do to turn your relationship around. Over 99% of couples who've attended the intensive would recommend it to others needing help.

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Lack of education is at the heart of divorce, unforgiveness, affairs, parenting stress, or whatever relationship struggles are experienced today. We can teach and inspire your people on exactly what it takes to build a better relationship through proven and researched marriage and family strategies.

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You might want one of our dynamic video studies that come with an in-depth workbook to help you build a better relationship. You can also find our best books and digital downloads for dating, married, or parenting relationships.

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Check out these practical courses designed to help transform your relationship today




  • Discover why you argue
  • The four reactions you have to stop immediately
  • It's the most important relationship principle you'll ever learn
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  • Free online assessment of the Smalley Animal Personality Test
  • Classic videos from Dr. Gary Smalley on personality
  • In-depth lesson content to help you better understand each other
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  • 10 specifically designed lessons to help you win back the heart of your wife
  • Audio content for each lesson
    In-depth questions
  • Practical action-steps for each key strategy
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You want a better relationship, but sometimes you can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Smalley Institute Online is the result of Gary Smalley’s legacy in inspiring better relationships for over 50 years. You can build the relationship of your dreams when you learn our proven, practical skills on exactly what it takes to love well. “Knowledge and skills is what it takes for couples to thrive!” - Gary Smalley. We've got the courses online for you to succeed. The Smalley Intensive program, and small group resources. The question is, are you ready to make a change?

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“Having a healthy marriage may not be as difficult as you think. Michael and Amy give practical and realistic ideas on how to have a better marriage.”
Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages

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If you just want to get all our free courses to help you build a better relationship then click below. You can transform your relationship if you are willing to discover what it takes to love each other well.

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