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Day 2 of the Michael Smalley Comedy Hour

Welcommen to The Michael Smalley Comedy Hour.  Because I’m impulsive and slightly unorganized, I only came up with this show idea on Sunday….which means I didn’t put a lot of thought into it.  But for day two, I’ve got something special planned.  Each day I’m going to give fun tips for your family during home quarantine. One tip will be legit and the other will be messed up, you’ll have to figure out which is which.  

Of course I will share a weird, funny or messed up story from my life that will be true, or will it?  At the end of my story you can comment on whether or not you think it’s true or fake news…I mean a fake story.


Virtual Intensives are here! and, since live events will be coming back, bring a poor comedian to your church, organization or even...

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