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Today we answer your questions, and they are incredible questions! But perhaps the thing you need to know most, is that I messed with Amy in the craziest way today...and she loved it! You might want to check out the Facebook Live video here.

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Show Notes:

“I have been listening to your podcasts as I commute to work every day! Love your sense of humor and all the good information! My husband and I took your animal personality test and it sure...

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The art of freedom from hurt

Have you ever gotten your feelings hurt by someone’s words or actions? Of course you have! Which is why today is so important for you. Whenever you experience things like Character assassinations, Threats of abandonment, Threats of exile, Invalidations, and Preaching...there’s actually something you can do in the moment to help you not take it so personally. That’s what we’ve got going on today for you on SMR.

Distraction of the Day:

What’s the most obnoxious thing a mother-in-law could do regarding hosting a family Christmas meal? I honestly don’t know what your reaction will be to this one, which honestly makes me feel very nervous =] because it feels like I should know what your thoughts would be on this one, if I was a better husband.

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Good News in History, December 4 - Good News Network

103 years ago today, Henry Ford launched a ‘Peace Ship’ during World War I sailing toward Europe ”to get the boys...

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We wish everyone was like this guy

We have a great question from one of you today! It’s a newly married listener, but this guy is already on track to being an amazing husband unless he ignores my advice today.  I’ve got something for those of you who are strong at heart and have a steal stomach. Let’s just say you’ll never want to eat sushi again!

Pursue Oneness: 7 key strategies to the relationship of your dreams

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Newly married, when my wife comes home and is frustrated with her job and negative. How do I validate her without getting discouraged myself.
Just wants to validate and get her to a better place.  But make sure you are not assuming responsibility for your wife’s feelings.  At the end of the day you can’t make her be ok and you need to be ok with that.

“Very negative at times”

Love your heart! Sometimes our intentions are really good...

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Did I do something wrong?

Today we are taking a question that was asked of me by one of you: the question is “What if your spouse doesn’t respond when you ask what is wrong?” Well, to get the answer to that question you’ll just have to keep listening!

And for the distraction of the day. Something insane happened recently to a baggage handler for one of the major airlines. I’m giving Amy a multiple choice test you’ll wanna hear.

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Question from a listener: “What if your spouse doesn't respond when you ask what is wrong?”

Not responding could be the result of:

  • Being annoyed by the question, because it is asked too much
  • Your spouse doesn’t feel “safe” enough to answer the question...
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