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What to do when you've got nothing from God

just say hi Jul 11, 2023
The three sisters

After arriving in Lebanon as a hesitant missionary, I found myself on a team visiting Syrian refugees in their home. Despite being unable to speak Arabic, I was happy to see how families lived in Tyre. One family consisted of a mother, three daughters, and a young son. During the visit, the team leader asked me if God had given me anything to say to the family. Embarrassed, I had to admit that I had nothing to say. However, I realized that if God had not given me anything yet, I could wait until He did.

Towards the end of our visit, God spoke to me and I heard clearly that I should offer to teach English to the kids. Even though I had never taught English before, I knew I needed to say something. When I asked the mother if she would like me to help her kids with English, she was surprised and even pointed at me a few times. Through the translator, I found out she had been approached by a man the week before who wanted to purchase or marry one of her daughters. I assured her that I only wanted to help them with their English and she agreed.

Three months later, the girls are attending church and taking music lessons from the only other American missionary in Tyre. It is daunting to think about the life that refugees must face, but I am grateful that I was able to help in some small way. God is good!

If you find it difficult to hear from God, I would suggest being patient. The best approach is to slow down and listen carefully. Be receptive to what God might have to say and avoid getting fixated on forcing things to happen. Allow them to unfold naturally. Our ultimate goal is to align with God's will, which is achievable if we are willing to listen to Him.

(the photograph is of the three sisters, who asked me to take their picture one Sunday after church)



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