Digital Access to Personal Coaching from Dr. Michael Smalley

The VIP Inner Circle membership brings you 24/7 digital access to coaching from Dr. Michael Smalley, a growing library of videos, a path towards healing your pain, tools to shape your communication and intimacy, assessments to guide you and a community of support from people who will cheer you on as you journey to the relationship you want.

9 Live Coaching Sessions a Month

Let's work together to overcome your biggest struggles and live a fulfilling life.

$2,000 Worth of Online Courses

There is a course available for whatever subject you need to work on! You will have unlimited access to the complete library, including video and audio resources.

Ongoing Support

Success requires patience and effort. Our program offers nine live sessions per month, along with couples' exercises and online assessments to help you achieve your goals.

Are you struggling in your marriage with...

Difficulty communicating and asserting your needs?

Lack of intimacy and feeling disconnected?

Feeling stuck because you keep having the same fights over and over again?

Feeling easily triggered by built-up resentment?

Current Members Would Tell You...

"The Most Reassuring Of All"

I am deeply appreciative of everything Michael shares from personal experience. To me, it is the most reassuring and helpful of all.

"Cares About Us"

I can tell Michael cares about our situation and has ideas about how to help! Very supportive of keeping the marriage together and finding a way to move forward in spite of challenges! Gave me some resources I can read to work on parenting which is a huge help to me!

"Non-Threatening Or Over Analytical"

Dr. Smalley created sound tools for us to put into practice. His approach was non-threatening or over analytical. Now we have a huge desire to get to work on our marriage. With what we covered, we now have effective methods to reestablish and improve our marriage to a point of a solid, lasting, spousal & God honoring relationship.

Your VIP Benefits


For Your Marriage

Instant access to these courses and more added regularly!

  • 7-Week Booster Course
  • Keys to Lasting Loving Relationships with Gary Smalley
  • Homes of Honor with Gary Smalley
  • The DNA of Relationships with Gary Smalley
  • Transform Your Marriage in 31-Days
  • 28 Statements from Jesus that Will Transform Your Relationship
  • The Secret to Great Sex
  • Over a hundred hours of video and audio compatible on any device

Powerful Exercises

Simple, practical, downloadable exercises you can use when the moment counts:

  • Smalley Conflict Management Exercise
  • Hurts and Needs Letter Template
  • Grounding Exercises to Stop Feeling Flooded
  • The Trust Recovery Kit
  • Over 20 more couples exercises only available to VIP members

Exclusive Assessments

A library of online assessments to help you identify your key strengths and growth areas.

  • The Smalley Animal Personality Assessment and Dynamic Couples Report
  • Smalley Quick Relationship Checkup (93% accurate predicting divorce)
  • Negative Beliefs Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Passive or Aggressive Personality Assessment
  • Emotional Attachment Style Assessment
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Weekly Live Q&A

Every week Michael Smalley will provide personal support and encouragement through exclusive Q&A online meetings. Morning, afternoons, and evenings are opportunities to connect and grow together!

Exclusive Assessments

Streamline the process of understanding your strengths and growth areas with powerful online assessments only available to VIP Inner Circle members.

Couples Exercises

When you join the family you gain instant access to practical, step-by-step, downloadable couples exercises to make sure you are successful on your own.

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What If My Spouse Won't Do This With Me?

Can I still get help?

Of course you can! Countless marriages find healing, even when only one person is committed to growth. You can find hope regardless of what your spouse does. You will benefit and it will make a difference in your life. If your spouse eventually wants to join you, Amen! No additional cost to add them at any time.

When asked about being a VIP member...

100% Would Say

Their experience has exceeded all expectations!

100% Would Say

You absolutely have to be a part of this and would recommend it to friends and family!

100% Would Say

The knowledge and skills learned and the daily conversations are EXCELLENT!

There is Hope

Become a part of the Smalley family as a VIP Inner Circle Member!

If you allow us, we can journey alongside you supporting you with fine-tune adjustments or major overhauls needed for your relationship to succeed! There is nothing we haven't seen before and no hurt or struggle too big to overcome.


Top Benefits

  • Daily Coaching from Dr. Michael Smalley
  • Exclusive access to monthly online meetings with even more Q&A and NEW conversations addressing topics around conflict management, sexual intimacy, forgiveness, emotional abuse, difficult conversations, and much more
  • A private, members-only online community to grow, connect, and relate
  • Assessments and Tools Streamlining Your Path To The Relationship You Want
  • Date Night Fun & Inspiration
  • Exclusively For VIP Inner Circle Members Only!

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