Your Story Matters Lauren Zachry - Addiction

An inspiring interview with a woman who overcame drugs and thoughts of suicide - only to find the two greatest loves of her life!

Your Story Matters is a series of shows focused on you, the listener.  Listen as Amy Smalley showcases women's stories of triumph and victory over seemingly impossible obstacles.  Each woman featured in this series of special podcasts has a story to share that will inspire and motivate you.

Today's show features Lauren Zachry, a woman plagued by drugs but pursued by an unconditionally loving man.  If you struggle in life, you don't want to miss this show because Lauren's story can lead you to feel like you're "drowning in joy"!  

  •  Addiction is like coming out of the water in the deep end of the pool.
  • Only Jesus can fill our God-sized hole.
  • How do you know if you’re in bondage with addiction?
    • Different for everybody
    • “I was in denial.”
    • All drug addicts know they have something, are they ready to face it?
  • She had a friend who was willing to walk along with her...eventually became her husband.
    • True sense of unconditional love
  • Tough love stuff
    • He was not a doormat
    • Not buy into her excuses
    • “Gas lighting” It’s what the addict does to justify actions
    • Changing the subject
    • It was his unconditional love that kept her in the friendship
    • "I didn’t want to see the bad parts, but I had to see those before I could start getting help."
  • He was consistently patient
  • Nothing worked to help her, new job, new city, etc.
  • “I got mad when he became a Christ follower!”
    • He prayed for her fervently to follow Christ
    • Got involved in church...went all in
    • Didn’t quit after the first uncomfortable experience
    • “It felt like I was drowning in Joy.”
    • Built community that helped her discover her new identity
    • Found a mentor
    • “I had that ‘take a chance’ attitude.”
  • Shame and guilt is an issue for many women
  • Sharing our story helps confirm our new identity
    • The enemy is always at work attacking
    • The more I embraced my new identity, the more my past was brought up in my mind and in the world.
    • So I’ve started claiming the victory in Jesus’ name. “In the name of Jesus, I reject these thoughts!”
  • Renewing our mind is a consistent daily walk with Jesus.
  • Amy - “You are a testifier.”


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