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Your Story Matters Amanda Voigt - Infertility

"Though paved with pain and heartache, the seasons I struggled the most have also become the seasons I cherish the most. For in those seasons, I found myself at the feet of a good, good Father, lavished with grace, mercy and hope." - Amanda Voigt


“I never thought I would do something like this.”

Amanda’s journey with infertility. How did it all unravel?

“It’s lonely.” “Your friends get the dream and you’re not.”

“I had to be excited to see my best friend’s baby in the hospital.”

How does it feel when people try to “Christianese” your suffering.
“It’s a blow when you’re already down.”
You just need to sit with someone and try to feel what they are feeling.
Don’t try and make it better or find answers for them.

How did you manage the process of infertility?
Looking to adopt.
Insurance ended up paying for it with Luke’s new job.
Do what you need to do, it’s different for everyone.
It’s not wrong to seek infertility treatment.

What did your journey with God look like?
“I got knocked to my knees.”
Broke down with her mother, and her mother realized she couldn’t fix it for her.
God spoke to her and reminded her to trust Him.
He would walk with her along this journey.
God doesn’t make mistakes. He brings purpose out of the pain.
“This is going to matter one day.”

Trust God especially when it doesn’t feel good and you’re unhappy.

First month on fertility treatment she got to see that positive pregnancy test!

Almost died from infection after giving birth to her first child.
“God...she’s given up, don’t give up on us.” Luke, her husband prayed all night in the hospital room, and each time a nurse or doctor came into the room he would ask, “Is there something I can pray for you about?”
True surrender must look like this! In the darkest hour, to think about others as well, must be a sign of surrender.

Embryos are life. “God what do I do with these embryos?”

“There’s so many answers you want this side of Heaven, and we just aren’t going to get them.”

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