Wish you had a damper? Statement #20 from Jesus

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.” John 14:1

Anyone who has lived or worked in a skyscraper knows tall buildings sway in the wind. There’s no danger; the engineers know it will happen, but the sway is uncomfortable for people inside. When engineers and architects designed Citicorp Center in New York, they decided to do something about it. At the top of the fifty-nine story building, they installed a machine called a tuned mass damper. The machine, writes Joe Morgenstern in New Yorker magazine, “was essentially a four-hundred-and-ten-ton block of concrete, attached to huge springs and floating on a film of oil. When the building swayed, the block’s inertia worked to damp the movement and calm tenants’ queasy stomachs.” When the winds of life gust around us, there is a stabilizing force in the heart of every believer that calms his or her fears. It is trust in God.

John 14:1 is Jesus trying to reassure his disciples. Three of them step up and ask questions to try and get Jesus to sharpen his explanation.  Thomas, v. 5; Philip, v. 8; Judas, v. 22.  Hope and comfort are not in the future, but can be realized now because of what Jesus gave us in the Holy Spirit.

How does Jesus want you to love others?

You don’t have to worry about your spouse, your kid or important people in your life that are causing you hurt. Because you can trust right now in Jesus!

Hope is available now!

The damper in your relationship struggles is hope in Jesus, that’s why we don’t have to be worried.  Respond to hurt with hope. “This will change. It will get better. I can do this because I have Jesus who gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit. No matter what happens, I don’t have to worry because God will use it to mature me, build my patience, endurance and everything I need in order to be just fine.”


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