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Why you don't quit with Sam Lamott

addiction interview Nov 06, 2018

You have chosen an excellent day to listen in because today, I have the honor of interviewing Sam Lamott, creator and host of the How to Human podcast which if you like listening to him today you can subscribe for free to his podcast on iTunes.

But we’re going to give you something else for free today, something Sam likes to call, “a Mood Altering Substance”.

Can I be honest and authentic with you? In a million years I never thought I'd get Sam Lamott to be on the show. That’s why I had my assistant reach out to him so I didn’t have to feel the sting of failure and rejection!

Now that he's on, I realized, “cripes!” I need to come up with some really thoughtful and interesting questions. Then I started obsessing over my writing. Basically I’m just a neurotic mess but somehow the interview survived. Who is Sam Lamott:

  • Author of Some Assembly Required with Anne Lamott.
  • At one point Sam shared, “Ever felt like you missed the handbook on life?”
  • Sam interviews experts across all disciplines to pick their brain on their strategies, insights, and ideas they’ve learned along the way. People like: Gloria Allred, Jack Conte, creator of Patreon, Brenè Brown and possibly my favorite writer of all time, Anne Lamott (his mother).
  • What stood out to me was how you want to focus on the missteps, pivots, and do-overs of life. How’d you end up there?
  • What does it mean to have authentic relationships?
  • Why building an authentic community matters?
  • On discussing authentic community, "If left to my own devices, I’d be alone in this world. It was a matter of survival."


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