The transformational power of Jesus' words for your relationship

  1. The transformational power of Jesus’ words John 14:23

"Jesus replied,“All who love me will do what I say. My Father will love them, and we will come and make our home with each of them.”  John 14:23

  1. If you really love Jesus, you’ll do what he says!
    1. Get to know his commands
      1. All his commands are either about loving God or loving others.
      2. “The first thing to notice is that loving Jesus is not the same as keeping his commandments. It precedes and gives rise to keeping the commandments. Keeping his word is the result of loving him, not the same as loving him.” John Piper
      3. Love is the root, obedience is the fruit.
  2. God responds to our love and loves with a unique, personal, intimate, affectionate, caring, committed love that belongs only to those who love his Son.
    1. We get the Holy Spirit
    2. We get Jesus.  He will give us what orphans need: they need protection and provision and guidance.
    3. If you love me and keep my word, my Father and I will come to you and — in all your suffering and trials — give you heaven on earth. THE SHACK WHEN SHE SHOWED THE SCARS ON HER WRISTS
  3. So how does this transform your marriage?
    1. When you feel lost, you’ve got the Holy Spirit
    2. Jesus will give you protection, provision, and guidance.
      1. This helps you relax with your spouse and others, because ultimately you don’t need them to be ok
    3. You’re never alone, even when you’re suffering.
    4. Not only do you get the community of the trinity, but the community of believers right here at Newday!
  4. “Therefore, love him. Keep his sweet commandments to receive him and abide in him. Overflow with his fullness for others in love. And he will come to you, and the Holy Spirit will come and the Father will come, and they will protect you and provide for you and lead you — you won’t be an orphan. And they will comfort you, and love you in a very personal way the world does not know, and they will manifest Jesus to you, and make you their home.” John Piper


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