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The Invisible God - Be an Esther

One of the glaring omissions in the book of Esther is God. Yes, you are reading this correctly! We do not know who wrote the book of Esther. If you read it, you are not going to read about God. Fact-check me on this one. Do not be fooled, however. We might not find the word “God” anywhere in the book. But have no doubt, God’s awesome power is the main theme running through Esther’s pages. God’s fingerprints are everywhere!

An orphan girl becomes queen, a Jewish girl of all things! Impossible! If a person lacks belief in God, the word, “coincidence” is often used. If you follow him, you know God is working behind the scenes and sees the big picture. I believe by omitting God the author is intentionally highlighting God’s work behind the scenes. When a crisis hits, and the darkness settles in, God becomes less obvious to even the most staunch believer. Esther shows us, even in the darkness, God is at work and he keeps his promises.

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