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The dark secret of social media

marriage parenting Oct 22, 2018

Let’s talk about the social behind social media, what you think you know may surprise you, and what you don’t...well that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. Along with a new segment we are calling “A Completely Unrelated Distraction of the Day” where I will share with you fun, strange, inspirational and often times totally unbelievable news from around the world. Wait till you hear what a pizza delivery guy did for someone in hospice.

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Show Notes:

  • Amy Morin, wrote, "Throughout the last couple of decades, our ability to connect with people around the globe has exploded. Initially, the internet allowed us to chat, join newsgroups, or email anyone in the world. The invention of cellphones allowed us to talk to people when we were away from our desks and outside of our homes. Then, social networks allowed us to connect with our neighbors, childhood pals, college buddies, and co—workers with a click of a button. Finally, smartphones made it easier than ever to connect with anyone we wanted around the clock. So you'd think we'd be feeling good about our social lives, right? After all, never in the history of the universe has communicating with people been so simple and accessible."
  • Our relationships have grown more superficial
    • It's really just a facade
  • Screen time interferes with our ability to read social cues
    • "It's likely that screen time takes a toll on adults' social intelligence too. After all, communicating with emojis is much different than communicating face-to-face." Amy Morin
  • The emphasis is on the quantity of relationships, not quality
    • "It's not the quantity of relationships that matters—it's the quality. Having five real friends is better for your mental health than having 500 social media connections." Amy Morin
  • Smartphone addiction interferes with face-to-face interactions
    • "Studies show people check their phones, on average, between 35 and 74 times per day. Younger people are more likely to check their phones more often." Amy Morin
  • Combat Loneliness
    • You need to admit you're feeling lonely
    • Don't fear being rejected, because you can't know until you ask
    • Invite someone to coffee, studies even show this might lead to a longer life!
    • Being intentional about pursuing relationships

Social media may fool you into thinking that you have no community, that your friends and family live happy, problem free lives. You may even feel as though you shouldn’t burden them with your friendship and problems because you would mess up their perfect, happy lives. My friends, this is nothing but an outrageous lie from the Enemy designed to keep you isolated from the community of God. The Evil One wants to trap you within your thoughts and convince you that no one cares about you. The best way to combat this kind of attack is to get out of your own head. You must reach out to your community and ask them for help. Recognize that you can’t live in this life in shallow, superficial relationships. I encourage those of you who are experiencing loneliness to be intentional about your healing, your relationships with others and most importantly your relationship with Christ. It is by strengthening this relationship with Christ that you will find a community willing to love you with open arms.

A Completely Unrelated Distraction of The Day:

And now my podcast listening friends, for the one segment that is completely unrelated to anything on this show and is probably the only reason you listen, it’s time for the Distraction of the Day.

When Julie Morgan and her husband, Rich, lived in Battle Creek, Michigan, they would stop by Steve's Pizza for dinner every payday.

That was 25 years ago. To celebrate her birthday this year, the couple -- who now live in Indianapolis -- wanted to take a trip to their favorite pizza place.

Instead, they ended up in the ER, where Rich Morgan was told his cancer had worsened and that he had weeks -- maybe days -- to live. He was placed in hospice care.

Steve's Pizza doesn't deliver. But when a manager at the store heard the couple's story, he decided to take two pies to them himself -- even though they were 225 miles away.

Dalke kept the lights on and waited until 2 a.m., when Shaffer pulled into their driveway.

Shaffer handed Dalke the two pizzas, and got ready to drive back to Michigan -- another three-and-a-half-hour drive.

"I told him to come in, have something to eat, drink. I asked if he wanted me to put him up for the night," Dalke said. "But he said 'I've got to get up because I've got to go to work the next day.'"

Shaffer wouldn't take any money. He just drove back home, completing a 450-mile, seven-hour journey.

His remarkable act a week ago has inspired people everywhere since Julie Morgan posted about it on Facebook.

Dalke said what the world needs is "more Daltons."

"There's so much goodness in people -- and there are people in this world that will stretch out, and care and not think twice about it," he said. "We're going through grief but, by golly, there's something good that's happening."

And that's the message Shaffer hopes to spread with his act of kindness.

"I have already gotten a ton of phone calls from people saying they were inspired in the future to help other people and to be able to do things like that. To me, that right there is what I want," he said.

"I just want people to think about the family and pray for them."

Update 5:19 pm ET: Since publishing this story CNN learned that Rich Morgan died Saturday after a two-year battle with cancer, according to his wife, Julie Morgan. She wrote, "He fought so hard and dealt with his illness with incredible grace, courage and humor. He was a man of faith and integrity who was always driven to do the right thing. There are no words to express how deeply we loved and admired him, and how much he loved us in return. Thank you so much for the outpouring of prayers and support." (CNN report)


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