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Reconcile through faith or be eaten by the hawk - statement #26 from Jesus

28 statements from jesus marriage Oct 13, 2018

So if you are presenting a sacrifice at the altar in the Temple and you suddenly remember that someone has something against you, leave your sacrifice there at the altar. Go and be reconciled to that person. Then come and offer your sacrifice to God. Matthew 5:23-24

In v23 Jesus is likely talking about someone you have legitimately offended. You probably did do something wrong and you need to go immediately and make it right. "Jesus says there’s more to this commandment than simply not murdering. We must tackle our anger by forgiving each other. Even if we are at the most sacred moment of our year—poised to offer a gift to God—forgiveness is more important. We must leave our gift and make peace with the person with whom we are so angry." (Knowles, Andrew. The Bible Guide.)

How does Jesus want you to treat others?

A childhood accident resulted in poet Elizabeth Barrett becoming an invalid and recluse. Despite her isolation her early poetry drew the attention of Robert Browning who began courting her. He eventually asked for her hand in marriage and Elizabeth and Robert were married in 1846. But there's more to the story.

In her youth, Elizabeth had been watched closely by her tyrannical father. He was strict beyond reason and attempted to prevent suitors from courting her. In fact, he did not want any of his children to marry. As a result, Elizabeth and Robert eloped, their wedding held in secret because of her father's disapproval.

After the wedding the Brownings sailed for Italy, where they lived for the rest of their lives -- exiled from her parents. Even though her parents had disowned her, Elizabeth never gave up on the relationship. Almost weekly she wrote them letters. Some were fairly lengthy, others short and poetical in form. Not once did they reply.

After ten years, Elizabeth received a large box in the mail. Inside, she found all of her letters. Not a single one had been opened. Elizabeth's years of writing, her letters pleading for reconciliation -- were for naught.

Today those letters are among the most beautiful in classical English literature. Had her parents only read a few of them, their relationship with Elizabeth might have been restored. These events were reported in the Daily Walk in May 30, 1992. (

Be reconciled with others through your faith in Jesus.  Don’t waste another second making things right, or at least attempting.  You can only control what you control. Be soft, humble and validate the person’s feelings or experience.

To Mama & Papa
An Answer if you please

I hail thee sweet Affection, loves abode
The true and safest path to Virtues God!
Then Parents hail, both dear, both always kind,
Who rear with care, my ever grateful mind,
But pleasures golden beak, molests the store,
Of Truth,—which love wd add to, daily more,
And as a hen that guards her chickens dear
Shrinks at the sight of the grim giant Fear
Sees a huge hawk with pouncing talons rise
And bear her offspring to the vaulted skies;
Yet grant a little favor, Parents dear
Tho’ your refusal, I must greatly fear,[1]
But if a hungry chicken wants to eat
The hen throws victuals close before its feet.
Then let me to the Music Meeting go
The pleasure it would give me none can know;
If you are troubled for my nights repose,
Half of Bells bed is open to my woes,
I pray you grant what I have asked of you
So cheered with hope, I fondly bid Adieu!–


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