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That was some of the greatest one-liners from movie history edited by Burger Fiction! What does it have to do with today's show on Pursuing Healthy Reactions? Everything! We needed drama to set up understanding the drama in your communication.  Today is about finally discovering what's actually wrong with your relationship! Welcome.

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What's really the problem in your relationship?  As Al Pacino might say as Tony Montana from the movie Scarface, "Say hello to my little friend..." called buttons!  The problem is a miserable dance you get stuck in that exclusively deals with how you react when your buttons get pushed.

What are buttons "my little friend" (ok, enough Scarface references)?

Great question! Buttons are merely feelings.  We call them buttons because it helps you better understand the metaphor we use for why too many relationships end in failure.

We surveyed over 150,000 couples to find out which buttons (or feelings) were the most common.  The list of feeling words was whittled down from several hundred to the following list:

Threatened Pathetic Humiliated
Judged Heartbroken Abandoned
Lonely Anxious Unimportant

The full list is available in the Pursue Oneness online experience, which is a total of 39 of the most common buttons that get pushed and cause conflict.  It's a list of nearly 40 reasons you feel miserable, and it's a list you need.  Because if you don't talk about your buttons, you are talking about the wrong things!

The course also gives you the top buttons for husbands and the top buttons for wives.  You'll feel we've been watching you like the show "Big Brother"! It's crazy how common conflict is between people.  Culture, background, citizenship, financial status, or any other factor you can think of does not make a difference when it comes to why people argue.

Here's what you get with the online experience Pursue Oneness:

  1. How to manage and understand your Conflict Dance.
  2. The four reactions that lead to divorce
  3. A downloadable PDF of your buttons list 
  4. The Love Dance PDF download
  5. Basically - if you don't understand the Conflict Dance you'll struggle ever getting along!

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Pursue Oneness takes the guesswork out of "what can help" by providing an easy way to discover the most important knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your relationship: 

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