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Pursue forgiveness

conflict management marriage pursue oneness Feb 27, 2019

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Everybody wants intimacy, but are you willing to do the work of forgiveness?

Early one morning in Dacula, Ga., Matt Swatzell was driving home from a 24-hour shift as a firefighter and EMS and had only 30 minutes of sleep. He was less than four miles from his home on October 2, 2006 when he suddenly heard what he calls “the most God awful sound I’ve ever heard.”

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Here’s what you get in the Pursue Oneness online experience:

  1. Ed Laymance’s Flushing exercise, which is all you need but…

  2. How do you seek forgiveness and repair damage

  3. The 5 stages of forgiveness

  4. The roadblocks keeping you from forgiving others


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