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On today’s show we are giving you 3 things you need to stop immediately in order to improve the communication at home. Well almost three things, because one of them I totally disagree with and will fight to the death with Amy about it! Welcome to SMR.

The Distraction of the Day:

Meat and potato pies were banned this year for the first time in 26 years at the World Pie Eating Championships. Do you know why?

Honoring News of the Day:

Three Women Are Being Praised for Coming to the Rescue of Stressed Mother at the Airport

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Show Content:


  • Nick Luxmoore puts it this way: “Sometimes it’s called ‘banter’, usually prefixed with the adjective ‘harmless’, as in “Don’t take it personally! It’s only harmless banter!” But teasing is never harmless. It’s always a mixture of the friendly and the hostile, the affectionate and the cruel. Close friends tease each other, lovers tease each other, and they do so because there are times when they can’t help having mixed feelings about each other. Teasing is familiar and intimate, even as it’s hostile and distancing.”
  • Ba hum bug! Where’s your heart is what actually matters.
  • Definitely want to validate if someone doesn’t like it, then stop.
  • “Numerous child psychology specialists agree with blogger Symone Grady that teasing can be a form of bullying.” F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W.


  • “one of the problems with whining is that it is so irritating that it often drives others away and almost always fails to get anyone to pay attention to your complaint, no matter how legitimate your concern might be.”


  • “Although sometimes you can wear someone down enough by repeating your complaint often enough, you’re likely to do some damage to your relationship. Nagging is actually the least successful method for getting something done, especially if you would like to have some kind of positive relationship with that person.”



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