How Nick Saban's loss helped my relationship

marriage personal growth Jan 08, 2019

The biggest college football game of the year was last night and Nick Saban's unbeatable Alabama football team got crushed. I was thrilled! But then I watched the post-game press conference and changed my mind because both Nick Saban and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa taught me how to better handle losses in my relationships.

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Honoring News of the Day:

Major League Prospect Repays His Parents For All Their Sacrifices Over The Years

Show Content:

Worst defeat in Nick Saban’s career. It will teach you everything you need to know to handle the losses in your own relationships.

Relationships are easy emotionally when you’re “winning”. But how do you handle the losing:

  1. Take personal responsibility and then…
  2. “I’m proud of our team.” Nick Saban. Focus on the positives!
  3. “One game doesn’t define who you are,” Nick Saban. Just like one mistake doesn’t define who you are!
  4. “That was totally a poor decision on my part.” Tua Tagovailoa. Take responsibility, no excuses!
  5. “Sometimes we learn more when things don’t go well.” Nick Saban. What’s the relationship lesson here? Sometimes we learn more when things don’t go well.


Distraction of the Day Finale

Paris is known for its food. Sadly one of its creative restaurants is closing their doors only 15 months after opening. Does it make you sad to hear people are losing their jobs and the brother and sister twin owners are going to lose their money? Because I think you’ll be super happy they failed.


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