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FLQ - Defensiveness, facts and jerks

friday listener questions marriage Feb 15, 2019

It’s Friday Listener Questions day! WooHoo! On today’s show, we’ve got defensiveness, staying married to a-holes who will never change, and someone still completely stuck on the importance of facts! Consider it managed!

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  • Can asking back to back questions cause defensiveness in a seemingly innocent conversation?
    • Of course, but really depends on your tone and context of the conversation.
      Anything can turn someone defensive, fairly or unfairly.
  • Should someone stay in a marriage with an asshole who is not going to change?
  • Totally get the “Feelings, not facts” focus, but don’t we sometimes have to reach a common understanding of the facts in order to more fully appreciate whether our feelings are based on facts, and not misunderstandings?

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