FLQ - Bad Christians and hopeful husbands

It’s Friday Listener Questions day! On today’s show we help answer stuff about bad Christians, a couple struggling and a husband wanting the impossible.

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Show Content:

We answer these questions on today's show.

  1. Hi Michael and Amy. How does your approach address couples within the church body who are serving, leading and consider themselves disciples of Christ but are not applying it in their marriage? In fact they may not even spend enough time together. Avoid each other in their “serving.” I struggle with taking the focus of a “healthy” marriage out of the equation.
  2. We struggle. Not in such a great place. But we are committed and determined to be and make disciples AND TO STAY MARRIED!! Should we be in a position to minister to others when we need to be ministered to?
  3. How do I get my wife to be more affectionate?

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