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FLQ - Abandoned for Europe and a tick story

friday listener questions marriage Jan 18, 2019

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Back to the Future has gotten it right once again! Nike has something new arriving February 17th and I must have it! Any guesses as to what it might be? Find out by listening to the podcast to the very end.

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Mom Adopts Baby And Learns She Is Her Adopted Son's Biological Sister

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Question #1
Hi, so about a month ago. My husband told me that he didn't think our marriage was working and very quickly. He would go through the steps of getting a divorce, and he finally agreed to talk to a marriage counselor, and he also decided that he needed to Move out at this point today. I know it is. He has booked a trip for himself to Europe and a few weeks. So just wondering what to do with that if it's how my husband is processing things or if that's the negative side for me, but any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you. Bye.

Question #2
How do I deal with my husband’s loud and sometimes embarrassing personality? I know he loves me, but he often feels disrespected by how I react to him publicly. Can we speak to a couple dealing with extremely different personalities and family backgrounds?


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