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Feeling overwhelmed by "Flooding"?


Dr. John Gottman writes:

We all know what it’s like to get carried off by some rough emotional currents when we are dealing with our mate. These aren’t the day-to-day flashes of anger or hurt. I am talking about the giant waves of bad feelings that completely knock you down and take any rational thought with them. This is how it usually goes. You are in the middle of a conflict or disagreement, your partner says or does something, and suddenly you fall down a deep dark rabbit hole. The only notes you register are rage, hurt, panic, and fear.

Ever think, "Why do our arguments feel insane? I end up overwhelmed and totally discouraged"? On August 7th learn why "Flooding" derails your relationship.  More importantly, learn how to eliminate "Flooding" from your arguments! 

If you want to turn arguments from miserable moments to opportunities for deeper intimacy, educate don't degenerate by:

  1. Focusing on the good and dealing with the bad
  2. Take a Sacred Pause to reset your brain
  3. Positively disassociating through observation

This is only one of the topics covered in the Educational Comedy for Couples live webinar August 7th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.



Pursue Oneness takes the guesswork out of "what can help" by providing an easy way to discover the most important knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your relationship: 

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  • Online assessments

  • Find new ways to love each other that encourages positive change

  • Eight weeks of proven relationship education, devotions and fun date night experiences

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