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Every hero has been humbled

  • If you’re listening to this show, you might know of what we speak. “That’ll do Donkey...that’ll do.” Shrek
  • You’ve blown it, now what?
    • Accept the consequences of your actions
    • Take ownership of your part only
    • Respond with humility
  • The Humble Hero
    • Rocky 3 is a great example of humility.
    • James 4:6: "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble."
    • Humility is getting back on God’s side.
    • Admit that you’re wrong
    • Be willing to learn and grow
    • God has a promise to humility (Isaiah 66:2) that we will be blessed when humbled
  • Is like Jesus
    • He came to you serve
    • He came as a you sacrifice
    • He was dependent on be dependent on God
  • The pitfall of pride
    • Stop telling her how you’ve changed and you’re a new her!
    • Respect her boundaries, that’s the true sign you’re changing
    • If her heart is closed, the last thing you can do is close your heart.
  • A hero’s actions
    • “I was wrong, and if you’ll allow me, I’d love to know if there’s anything I can do to repair the hurt I’ve caused you.”
    • Return hurtful words or actions with kindness
    • Pray instead of reacting negatively toward your wife
    • “Christ not only preached humility to others, he lived it himself.  Though he was the Son of God, he was born in a cave.  He worked as a carpenter.  He composed no great work of art; built no towering edifice; assumed no great political office.  He died nailed to a cross, the fate of a common criminal.  He did all this willingly.  And yet, he became the central figure in world history.” Tim Lanigan

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