Ever feel ripped off relationally?

Amy’s on a prayer retreat and I’m mad as all get out! Of course not about Amy being on a prayer retreat but about the ridiculous NFL football, sabotaging, ripped off, rigged, no good, liver licking...here’s a better rant for how I feel today about the two games over the weekend…cue Clark Griswold.

But at the end of the day, this is a relationship show after all. So I thought I might talk about what you can do when you feel ripped off emotionally by someone you love.

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Show Content:

When you feel ripped off relationally, what’s really going on? My guess is a massive button is getting pushed, probably something like feeling injustice, unfair, etc.  This is always your first goal when it comes to being upset about anything. “Why am I upset?” It will always lead you to a button or feeling word.

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Feeling ripped off relationally?

  1. First move, get over it already
    1. The more you try to make them change, the worse it gets for everybody
  2. Now do something about it
    1. This doesn’t mean you can’t set boundaries or get help, but you have to do something!
      1. Mentor, counselor, pastor, life group, etc.
  3. Now to the controversially portion of the show!
    1. Are you really being ripped off?
      1. It could be negative beliefs, which is why you have to ask yourself this question.



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