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Parenting that works

In this practical and powerful parenting online course you will learn the five most important strategies to a happy family. With so many different ideas in the market place, Michael and Amy Smalley teach what matters most if you want to be effective in your discipline, resolve conflict with your children, unlock your child’s potential, and give your children the blessing (a powerful experience every child should have before they leave home).

The Five Keys:

  1. The foundation of successful parenting
  2. Parenting your child’s personality
  3. Effective discipline from 2 to 18
  4. Resolving conflict
  5. Giving your child the blessing

In this special online course, you will discover what it takes to be the best possible parent through videos, interactive questions, and more.


Almost 9 hours of bonus videos from Dr. Gary Smalley’s best-selling Homes of Honor Parenting series! You can download the workbook for free and watch videos on:

  • Discovering what “type” of parent you are
  • Discovering your child’s personality type
  • Overcoming the major destroyer of families
  • Providing loving support to your child,
  • Contracts: Setting limits in a loving way
  • Developing a close-knit family,
  • Ten powerful ways to motivate your children
  • Using the “SALT” Principle to encourage communication.

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