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Are you struggling in your marriage with...

Difficulty communicating and asserting your needs?

Lack of intimacy and feeling disconnected?

Feeling stuck because you keep having the same fights over and over again?

Feeling easily triggered by built-up resentment?

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7-Week Marriage Booster Course and VIP Inner Circle Membership

Start today with our proven and researched seven-week experience, live Q&A with Michael Smalley, free webinars, exclusive online assessments, and downloadable couples exercises.

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Private One-on-One Virtual or In-Person Smalley Marriage Intensives 

Over 85% successful in helping couples just like you save their marriage! With eight locations across the United States, spend 1, 2, or 3 days with a Smalley Certified Intensive Coach discovering exactly what your relationship needs to succeed.

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Seven Weeks and Ongoing Live Support Will Get You What You Want Most 

The VIP Inner Circle membership is proven to help any couple willing to do what it takes to turn their relationship around


How could things change in your marriage if you had access to your own marriage coach with over 25-years of helping couples like you? If you had access to daily Q&A, a massive vault of marriage education online courses, exclusive monthly webinars, support, encouragement, and online assessments to custom tailor marriage coaching to your specific struggles? Find out and become a VIP! Get started today with the 7 Week Marriage Booster course.

My Own Crisis

Don't think for a moment I can't relate or understand what you are going through if your marriage feels destined for disaster! I'm suppose to be the expert, the son and heir of Dr. Gary Smalley! It was heartbreaking to realize I needed help for my marriage. Twenty-five years teaching and guiding thousands of couples, but unaware of the damage I was causing in my relationship.

It's not easy for me to admit my marriage hit a crisis.  I know it was hard for you to click the link bringing you to this page. If you are anything like me, your heart is in the right place but your strategy is broken.  When your best intentions end up causing more hurt, it's time to take a deep-dive into what is broken and how you can make it better! You know what you want in your marriage, you just don't know how to get there.

What if my crisis and the things I had to learn after 25-years teaching, speaking, and writing could save your relationship? It's never too late to learn, and I've proven you need to spend a lifetime learning.

Michael Smalley, Ph.D.
Fellow Learner

3 Reasons Being A
VIP Will Work

Weekly Live Q&A

Throughout every week get live help with Michael Smalley in your exclusive Q&A Zoom meeting. Morning, afternoons, and evenings are opportunities for personalized help!

Exclusive Assessments

Streamline the process of understanding your strengths and growth areas with powerful online assessments only available to VIP Inner Circle members.

Couples Exercises

When you join the family you gain instant access to practical, step-by-step, downloadable couples exercises to make sure you are successful on your own.

What If My Spouse Won't Do This With Me?

Can I still get help?

Of course you can! I've seen countless marriages find healing, even when only one of them is willing to get help. You can find hope regardless of what your spouse does. You will benefit and it will make a difference in your life and marriage. If your spouse eventually wants to join you, Amen! No additional cost to add them at any time.

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There is Hope

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If you allow us, we can help you with the fine-tune adjustments or major overhauls needed for your relationship to succeed! There's nothing we haven't seen before and no hurt or struggle too big to overcome.


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Top Benefits

  • Proven, Researched Based Marriage Education
  • Multiple Live Q&A Sessions Every Week
  • Assessments Streamlining Your Path To The Marriage You Want
  • Downloadable Couples Exercises
  • And More!

Smalley Marriage Intensives.

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Look What Intensives 
Can Do For You

David & Christine


"This program is wonderful! The processes that my husband and I have learned are life changing! We are going to have a better marriage because of the tools that we have learned. The skills we had were lacking, at best, and we have realized that what we will be applying to our lives will not only effect us, but our children and even their children. I am thrilled to know that we will be able to teach them by being good (better) role models."

Jacob & Jenny

Saved Our Marriage

"This program and our Coach saved our marriage. We were professional arguers with 17-years of experience.  No one had taught us how to love and communicate, and we are smart people!   We would recommend it to anyone. We wish we had come sooner!"

Terry & Sarah

A Miracle

"We saw God do amazing things in our two-day intensive.  I had all but given up on my marriage.  I came to the intensive out of obligation and had decided I would be done with our mess of a marriage! After 26-years of pain and inability to communicate, addiction and infidelity, God showed up and healed a shattered relationship, starting us on a new journey.  Our coach was a blessing and made us incredibly comfortable.  There are no words to describe what happened.  Thank you!"

It’s not marriage counseling. It’s not couples therapy.

The Smalley Marriage Intensive is a 2-day private, one-on-one program giving you effective, long-term results to relationship struggles. This unique marriage program focuses on proven strategies helping you manage conflict in ways that increase intimacy. It’s built on proven, researched techniques utilizing communication skills used in successful relationships.

Can you get the marriage you want in only two days?

Yes. This in-depth, one-on-one experience with a Smalley certified marriage coach shows you how to rebuild trust, resolve marital problems, and restore your relationship.

The Smalley Intensive one-on-one program really works, because it’s customized for your unique relationship.

You will learn how to...

Stop fights before they start.
Create a loving environment.
Confront your biggest conflicts – and resolve them.
Gain greater intimacy and deeper connection.
Understand one another like never before.

How Can We Help You?

Speak with one of our Intensive Consultants today and find out exactly how we can help turn your relationship around in only two-days.

Call (800) 975-8748 or Email

It Is Time To Transform Your Marriage



Each intensive is personally scheduled to meet your needs and calendar. There are no set dates for a Smalley Intensive. Two-days with one of our Smalley Certified Intensive Coaches; private, one-on-one program 87% successful in couples eliminating divorce and transforming their relationship.

Outstanding Care

Only The Best

Each intensive is lead by a highly trained Smalley Intensive Coach. Only the best experts in marriage education and coaching are chosen to be a part of our intensive program. Your marriage matters to us, excellent care is the only acceptable way to help you.

Two Days

More Than Enough

A two-day intensive starts at 9:00 am and finishes at 5:00 pm with an hour lunch break on both days. You can choose to add an optional third day. Our Intensive Consultants help you determine what is best for your specific relationship struggles. You will not believe how much growth your marriage will experience in only two-days!

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One of our Intensive Consultants will connect with you to help determine how our program can renew your relationship. You can trust us with building the marriage you want.