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Finally get the answer to why you fight and what you can do about it!









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Ongoing Support with Michael Smalley through the VIP Inner Circle

What if you could meet with Michael weekly and get personal guidance for your relationship? You can! Growth is a process, take all the time you need only with a VIP Inner Circle membership.

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Personal Individual Coaching

We utilize world-class, clinically proven strategies and assessments so you can build the life and relationships you desire most. I'm Dr. Michael Smalley and am honored to serve you and be part of your personal journey.

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Virtual Intensive

Schedule a one or two day virtual intensive with Dr. Smalley. Experience our proven, researched intensive program from the comfort of your own home!

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Why VIP Members Love It!

"The Most Reassuring Of All"

I am deeply appreciative of everything Michael shares from personal experience. To me, it is the most reassuring and helpful of all.

"Cares About Us"

I can tell Michael cares about our situation and has ideas about how to help! Very supportive of keeping the marriage together and finding a way to move forward in spite of challenges! Gave me some resources I can read to work on parenting which is a huge help to me!

"Non-Threatening Or Over Analytical"

Dr. Smalley created sound tools for us to put into practice. His approach was non-threatening or over analytical. Now we have a huge desire to get to work on our marriage. With what we covered, we now have effective methods to reestablish and improve our marriage to a point of a solid, lasting, spousal & God honoring relationship.

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Is Your Relationship At Risk For Divorce?

The question might make your stomach turn! You're thinking, "Why would I want to know this?" Because it is NEVER too late to turn your relationship around! Take our eight-question Smalley Quick Relationship Checkup assessment. Tested on over 100,000 couples and 93% accurate predicting divorce.

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David & Christine


"This program is wonderful! The processes that my husband and I have learned are life changing! We are going to have a better marriage because of the tools that we have learned. The skills we had were lacking, at best, and we have realized that what we will be applying to our lives will not only effect us, but our children and even their children. I am thrilled to know that we will be able to teach them by being good (better) role models."

Jacob & Jenny

Saved Our Marriage

"This program and our Coach saved our marriage. We were professional arguers with 17-years of experience.  No one had taught us how to love and communicate, and we are smart people!   We would recommend it to anyone. We wish we had come sooner!"

Terry & Sarah

A Miracle

"We saw God do amazing things in our two-day intensive.  I had all but given up on my marriage.  I came to the intensive out of obligation and had decided I would be done with our mess of a marriage! After 26-years of pain and inability to communicate, addiction and infidelity, God showed up and healed a shattered relationship, starting us on a new journey.  Our coach was a blessing and made us incredibly comfortable.  There are no words to describe what happened.  Thank you!"

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