Transform Your Marriage in One Day!

Understand Your Wife’s Deepest Desire and Your Husband’s Greatest Need in this one-day virtual intensive with Dr. Michael Smalley.

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Plenty of Time

8-hours of live, proven private marriage education

Extensive Follow-up

3-months of weekly live virtual coaching with a VIP Membership
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Proven Strategies

Discover researched-based strategies to manage conflict and watch your intimacy and joy skyrocket.

Can you get the marriage you want in one day?

Yes. This in-depth, one-on-one experience with Dr. Smalley shows you how to rebuild trust, resolve marital problems, and restore your relationship.

The Smalley Intensive program works because it’s customized for your unique relationship.

Testimonies from Real Couples After An Intensive!


This program is wonderful! The processes that my husband and I have learned are life changing! We are going to have a better marriage because of the tools that we have learned. The skills we had were lacking, at best, and we have realized that what we will be applying to our lives will not only effect us, but our children and even their children. I am thrilled to know that we will be able to teach them by being good (better) role models.

Wish We'd Attended Sooner!

This program saved our marriage. We were professional arguers with 17-years of experience. No one had taught us how to love and communicate and we are smart people. I would recommend it to anyone. I wished we had attended sooner!

No Words Can Describe!

We saw God do amazing things in our intensive. I had all but given up on my marriage. I came out of obligation and had decided I would be done with the mess of a marriage that we had. After 26-years of pain and inability to communicate, after addiction and infidelity. God showed up and healed a shattered relationship and started us on a new journey. Looking forward to continuing on in coaching. No words to describe what happened. Thank you!

You Want To Attend Because

You Will Learn How To

Stop Arguments

before they start

Create Loving

moments that last

Overcome Your

biggest conflict and hurt

Gain Intimacy

and deeper connection

What Are You Waiting For? 

Your struggles will become irrelevant after you learn exactly why you struggle and get caught in the miserable crazy cycle!

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What can you expect during your one-day virtual intensive?


A quick overview of what is covered during the virtual intensive. You are going to have a great day hanging out at home, learning how to love each other better, laughing, and experiencing other couples' stories.

Taking one day to focus on your  marriage is huge! Couples do not spend enough focused time on their relationship. You, on the other hand, are not one of those couples. You are part of the few (and not the Marines) willing to take the time to invest in your marriage.

I am thrilled you are thinking about joining me for the one-day virtual intensive! It is an honor to be a part of your journey.


  • Much of our time is spent on your specific needs
  • Difficulty communicating and asserting your needs

  • Lack of intimacy and feeling disconnected

  • Feeling stuck because you keep having the same fights over and over again

  • Feeling easily triggered by built-up resentment

  • Hang-ups in personality differences
  • Sexual intimacy struggles
  • Overcoming Primal Panic when feeling betrayed
  • Dealing with addictions and how your marriage can support recovery
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